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About us

“It is appropriate for agencies that provide custodial services in the state to have independent oversight.”
(The Hon Greg Smith SC MP – media release 18 September 2013)


The purpose of the Inspector of Custodial Services is to provide independent scrutiny of the conditions, treatment and outcomes for adults and young people in custody, and to promote excellence in staff professional practice.

The Inspector has jurisdiction over all correctional facilities, including publicly and privately-run correctional centres and youth justice centres, court custody centres, police cells managed by Corrective Services NSW, transitional centres, inmate/detainee transport, and custodial residential facilities.  The Inspector is able to examine correctional and juvenile justice facilities at any time and make recommendations about issues of concern. 

Inspections may be instigated by the Inspector or at the request of the Minister for Corrections or a Parliamentary Joint Committee or any public authority or public official.