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Official visitors

Official visitors are community representatives, appointed by the Minister for Corrections and Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services to visit youth justice centres and adult correctional facilities. Their role is to facilitate the resolution of enquiries and complaints made by detainees, inmates and staff, and to report on the condition of the centre. Individuals appointed as Official Visitors have a variety of community experience, and professional and cultural backgrounds.
Official Visitors generally visit their assigned facility one day a fortnight.  The majority of enquiries are resolved through discussion with centre management, and medical, education, welfare, programs, or administration staff.  Official Visitors record all complaints and enquiries and clarify details with the inmates and detainees concerned.  They ascertain what action (if any) has been taken and relay information provided in response to the complaint or enquiry to inmates and detainees.
Where it is not possible for an issue to be resolved locally, Official Visitors can raise these issues in their reports.  Official Visitors to youth justice centres provide a combined written report to the Minister and the Inspector of Custodial Services every six months.  Official Visitors to adult correctional facilities provide a written report to the Commissioner of Corrective Services on a quarterly basis and a combined report to the Minister and the Inspector of Custodial Services every six months.
Official Visitor appointments are for a period of up to two years.  Advertisements calling for expressions of interest for appointment as an Official Visitor are placed in major daily newspapers and on the internet.