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What we do

The functions of the Inspector are set out in the Inspector of Custodial Services Act 2012.  The Inspector’s principal functions are:
  • ​to inspect and report to Parliament on each adult correctional facility at least once every five years
  • to inspect and report to Parliament on each Juvenile Justice and juvenile correctional facility at least once every three years
  • to include in any report such advice or recommendations as the Inspector thinks appropriate (including advice or recommendations relating to the efficiency, economy and proper administration of custodial centres and custodial services)
  • to oversee Official Visitor programs conducted under the Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999 and the Children (Detention Centres) Act 1987
  • to advise, train and assist Official Visitors in the exercise of the functions conferred or imposed on them under those Acts.
The legislation also prescribes the power of the Inspector:
  • accessing custodial centres and their resources (with or without notice)
  • requiring the production of information or documents
  • requiring staff to attend to answer questions
  • accessing inmates for the purpose of communicating with them
  • referring matters to other agencies for action when appropriate.
The Inspector’s office has developed a set of Inspection Standards for both juvenile and adult corrections, an Inspection Manual, and the Framework of Custodial Inspections.  The Inspection Standards articulate the operational benchmarks on which inspection will be based, and were developed in conjunction with the key stakeholders i.e. Juvenile Justice NSW, Corrective Services NSW, and the Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network.  The Inspection Manual guides the design, planning and implementation of inspections.  The Framework of Custodial Inspections details the mandate and philosophy of inspection.  A copy of these documents can be found on the Reports and publications page.
Please note: The Inspector cannot investigate individual complaints except insofar as they relate to systemic issues present in the correctional environment. If you have an individual complaint, this can be directed to the NSW Ombudsman.