​Inmate transport in NSW

Terms of reference

Corrective Services NSW is responsible for transporting inmates between correctional centres, court houses, 24-hour court cell complexes, medical facilities and other approved locations.1

CSNSW operates a fleet of 97 dedicated escort vehicles to perform these functions with delivery of a further four vehicles pending. An additional 81 vehicles are used by correctional centres to transport inmates for a variety of reasons including court escorts, hospital escorts, and external appointments. Vehicles for Parklea and Junee Correctional Centres are provided by the relevant contracted operators.2

The Inspector of Custodial Services will examine inmate transport in NSW and explore how CSNSW ensures the humane, safe and secure transport of inmates over short and long distances including; inmate movements, the types of vehicles used, the condition and maintenance of vehicles, the management of inmate property, and the provision of appropriate levels of amenity during transport (i.e. access to food, water, comfort stops, and cleanliness).3

Relevant standards, legislation, policies and procedures will also be considered. The Inspector of Custodial Services may consider any other relevant matters in the course of this inspection.

This inspection will include visits to relevant CSNSW locations including the Metropolitan Reception and Remand Centre.

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